On the following pages you'll find lesson plans, which have all been tried and tested in classes, starting points for student research (and your own), and links to sites that are of interest to English teachers.


London Exchange

For many years we have had an exchangeprogramme with the prestigious public school of St Paul's in London. Here you can look at some reports from the past years.
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Englischunterricht einmal anders – die Theaterkompanie „English@School“ am Otto-von-Taube Gymnasium (9. Mai 2016)

Für unsere Schule war es eine Premiere: zum ersten Mal war das englisch-sprachige Tourneetheater „English@school“ bei uns zu Gast. Die 9. Klassen kamen in den Genuss, professionelle muttersprachliche Schauspieler live auf der Bühne zu erleben und ihnen anschließend in einer Podiumsdiskussion Fragen zu stellen. [weiterlesen]

U.S. Elections 2016: candidates, issues and the role of social media

Am Dienstag, den 23.02.2016, hielt Dr. Jason Johnson einen äußerst lebendigen und kurzweiligen Vortrag über den Wahlkampf in den USA und die Rolle der sozialen Medien dabei. Neben Information und Diskussion kam auch der Humor nicht zu kurz: anschauliche Beispiele, lustige Videos und lebendige Vortragsweise fesselten die über 100 Schüler der Q12 bis zum Schluss. [weiterlesen]

London Exchange 2015/2016 - in Gauting

Beim Abholen der englischen Austauschschüler vom Münchner Flughafen waren die meisten von uns sehr aufgeregt, da man sich nur von den Bewerbungsschreiben kannte. Die Begrüßung verlief noch relativ schüchtern aber nach einiger Zeit war das Eis gebrochen und alle haben sich gut verstanden. [weiterlesen]

Gespräch mit dem amerikanischen Botschaftsrat Thomas Miller

„Finally!“, denkt sich der Diplomat Thomas Miller nach einem anstrengenden Interview mit besonders herausfordernden Journalisten. Er freut sich, jetzt schön entspannt mit ein paar Schülern zu sprechen. Oh, welch Irrtum!
Wir durften am Donnerstag 3. April 2014 mit dem gesandten Botschaftsrat Thomas Miller im US-Konsulat über amerikanische Außenpolitik und das deutsch-amerikanische Verhältnis diskutieren. [Weiter]

So hohen Besuch gibt’s am OvTG nicht oft ...

... am 18.04. hielt der amerikanische Generalkonsul Bill Moeller aus München eine Rede, in der er Q11 und Q12 über die Aufgaben des Generalkonsulats, die deutsch-amerikanische Beziehung und amerikanische Außenpolitik informierte und anschließend Fragen der Schüler beantwortete. [mehr]

Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen

Three girls from class 8b took part in conpetition and produced a movie called "Happiness cannot be bought". They came out second in the group section in BAvaria. Cheers to the kids of 8b! Read more and watch the movie [here].


Book club rubric

The rubric used in the evaluation of the book club shows from my Lk class 2004/06. Reading one novel during the holidays between year 12 and 13 was compulsory for all students. Rather than having 20 individual book presentations, which would have taken us the better half of the semester, I decided to make an experiment and ask the students to prepare a book club show in teams of three or four students each. Here is the rubric.

Oral tests

Material for oral tests in Bavaraia (§44 GSO). Includes example role cards used in a sixth grade class in Spring 2005 (Green Line New Bayern 2) and missing links ;-).

Class projects

Halloween story contest

One of all children's favorite holidays is certainly Halloween. Our class 7b and their teacher organized a contest to find out who could write the spookiest story. It is amazing how students in their second year of English can write. Congratulations!

Robin Hood

This website was created during the new extra classes of the class 6e in the new 8-year Gymnasium. Robin Hood is a major theme in our English textbook Green Line New Bayern 2 and the class enjoyed working on some extra aspects.

Class Excursion to Endlhausen

This website was created by class 6f about their stay at Endlhausen, the country house used by the school for short visits.

Santa Letters 2004

A replay of the Santa Letters project from years ago [see below]. This time with real "paper" letters. The times they are a changin' ...


A new website created by class 11b during March 2004 with a lot of creative writing and design work.

The Great Gatsby

A project for the Leistungskurs. The class dealt with Fitzgerald's novel in teams and produced a website on which they published their findings.

British newspapers

Class project 11b, December 2003 - information, worksheets and vocabulary for presentations.

On-line papers and magazines

A project for the eleventh grade. The media are a popular topic in this grade. Textbooks offer a variety of materials on the both print and traditional electronic media. To widen the scope this project offers assignments and starting points to research the availability of on-line publications today.

Letters to Santa Claus

A project idea of the Global School Net in which elementary school classes are paired up with older students. The elementary school kids write letters to Santa Claus, which are then answered by the older ones. In December 1996 we found a class of 18 in Kentucky who wrote to us. My students were enthusiastic about the project and had a lot of fun replying to the kids in the role of Santa Claus.

"Are you clean?"

A survey conducted by students of the ninth through eleventh grade as a reaction to an e-Mail from an American student who asked if the Germans were really the pigs he had heard they were. He wanted to know if we didn't take a shower every day etc. The response was overwhelming: 337 individuals answered. The result? There is no significant difference between Germans, Americans, Australians, South Africans, Japanese or people from any other part of the world. Who would have thought that? ;-).
Have a look at the questionnaire or at the results.

Of Mice and Men

A project following the traditional treatment of John Steinbeck's novel. We used the Penguin CD-ROM and internet resources.


Working on a "Landeskunde" topic, the students were asked to find resources on their own and also present them afterwards (LdL).

WEB resources

A selection of links of interest to teachers or students of English. I hope you'll find them useful.

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